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Who is the founder of Ultraceuticals?

Dr Geoffrey Heber, a leading Cosmetic Physician, founded the company in 1991 with a vision to deliver honest, effective and clinically proven skincare. Dr Heber became interested in formulating active skincare in his Sydney based cosmetic medicine clinic in order to obtain the best possible results for his clients. For more information about Dr Heber.

What is the Ultraceuticals difference?

Ultraceuticals is Australia’s leading cosmeceutical brand providing consumers with products scientifically proven to provide real visible results. We use proven, effective levels of active ingredients to ensure efficacy and performance within the skin, trialling formulations on human skin. We are proudly Australian made and owned. For more information about us.

What does the term ‘Cosmeceutical’ mean?

The term Cosmeceutical is used to explain the difference between cosmetic brands that use low or negligible levels of active ingredients in order to obtain a pharmalogical effect on the skin. Ultraceuticals is a true cosmeceutical.

Does Ultraceuticals conduct any product testing on animals?

No, we conduct internal clinical trials on willing human participants. If you are based in Sydney and would like to participate in our product trials please contact

Do Dermatologists and skincare professionals recommend Ultraceuticals?

The range is highly recommended by Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists and is a popular in salon choice for many Beauty Therapists and salon owners. The medical staff at Dr Heber’s Clinic have been recommending Ultraceuticals for over 18 years. Ultraceuticals is only available where it may be recommended by a qualified Beauty Therapist or Medical Professional.

Why is Vitamin C important for my skin?

Ascorbic acid (pure Vitamin C) is a potent free radical scavenger helping to reduce the free radical damage caused by UV exposure, pollution, smoking and normal metabolic activity. It also has wound healing properties and when used in conjunction with Vitamin E works synergistically to offer more potent antioxidant effects. When effectively delivered to fibroblast cells in the lower layers of the skin, ascorbic acid can play a vital role in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. For more information about Vitamin C.

Ultraceuticals vitamin C creams contain a "CSIRO developed delivery system for ascorbic acid". What are the key elements of this?

The vitamin C delivery system in Ultraceuticals creams involves the combination of extremely fine particle size (micropulverised) vitamin C in an anhydrous system incorporating a carrier to assist in transdermal absorption. The combination of these three elements results in a much more stable and certain delivery of vitamin C into the skin.

Why is Vitamin A important for my skin?

Under the influence of Vitamin A the metabolic activity of skin cells in increased resulting in less dead skin cell build up. Vitamin A is an excellent ingredient to treat dry skin, fine lines and sun damage by refining the skin’s surface. It will also increase skin moisture levels and leave the skin smoother, softer and younger looking. For more information about Vitamin A.

What form of Vitamin A does Ultraceuticals use?

 Ultraceuticals uses the pure form of Vitamin A, Retinol, reported to have effects within the skin up to 20 times stronger than the more commonly used Retinyl Palmitate. The Ultraceuticals Ultra A range offers different strengths of Retinol to suit all skin conditions and concerns.

How does Ultraceuticals stabilise Retinol?

We use a number of different ways. Microencapsulation is one effective method which excludes the Retinol from contact with the base formula and from air. Other methods include using a pre-stabilised Retinol in conjunction with certain antioxidants and other ingredients. The packaging (a laminated tube) also offers a very high level of protection from light and to a lesser extent air.

I have heard Ultraceuticals launched products recently containing Niacinamide. What are the benefits of this ingredient and what products contain Niacinamide?

We recently introduced two new treatment products to add to our core treatment range, the Even Skintone Sensitive and Even Skintone Complex. Both of these products contain Niacinnamide. Niacinnamide is derived from Vitamin B and has been shown to have many benefits for the skin including skin lightening and anti-inflammatory properties.

What Antioxidants does Ultraceuticals predominately use?

Our range contains many ingredients that offer antioxidant properties. The most potent antioxidants which are found in most products include Vitamin E and Green Tea. Vitamin E is a well known, potent antioxidant used in many products. It is also a moisturising agent helping to maintain the skin’s barrier function. Green Tea is another extremely powerful and well-documented antioxidant that protects skin cells.

Do I use the Ultraceuticals products every day?

The cleansing and moisturising products in the range are fine to use everyday even initially. We suggest any of our treatment products be introduced slowly to the skin, starting every alternate day for 2 weeks. If no unwanted side effects are experienced then these products are recommended daily from here on.

Are there any products that you don’t suggest I use as an introductory homecare item?

Yes there are a few products that fall into our ‘Ultra Specialist Category’ and should only be used once the skin has been accustomed to similar products of a lower strength. Please consult your Ultraceuticals representative to discuss your specific skin concerns.

Is there a correct way to apply the eye creams?

Yes, you should only apply a small amount around the eye area, taking care not to apply too close to the eye and avoiding the eye lid. Feel for the orbital rim of the eye and apply here. Application is suggested every alternate day for 2 weeks building up to daily use to avoid any irritation. The Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream is the only product that can be applied on the eyelid itself.

Does Ultraceuticals use natural ingredients?

Our brand is all about performance and efficacy; this is a true Cosmeceutical positioning. Wherever we can obtain the results we need for our customers through using natural ingredients, we will do so. We do not use natural ingredients at the expense of product performance, as that is what we represent at all times. That being said, we do use many natural ingredients including Green Tea Extract, Grapeseed Extract, Oat Flour, Borage Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Bearberry Extract, Licorice Extract, etc. Our natural ingredients are used at a level that will ensure performance results, and in many cases this means using very expensive natural extracts at very high levels.

What in-salon treatments Ultraceuticals offer?

At Ultraceuticals our aim is provide our customers with real visible skin results. Noticeable changes in the skin can be obtained with proven professional treatments including Microdermabrasion, Light Peels and Ultrasonophoresis. These popular treatments are very effective, comfortable and affordable. Read more about our treatments.

What is Microdermabrasion and how will it benefit my skin?

Microdermabrasion is a painless, mechanical technique used to gently and effectively remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This mild abrasion combined with suction reveals younger, smoother and more evenly coloured skin while stimulating new cell growth and collagen synthesis. Microdermabrasion is ideal to help improve the appearance of sun damage, recent acne scars, acne spots, hyperpigmentation and rough texture. The procedure is quick and requires little or no downtime. Read more about our treatments.

What light peels do you offer and how will they benefit my skin?

Light peeling can make marked improvements for hyperpigmentation, rough texture, acne, scarring, and fine lines. Skin peeling exposes fresher, plumper, healthier skin. Anyone can obtain a better skin even from one light peel. We have a range of peels to suit all skin types. Our BHA skinworkout contains 20% Salicylic acid and is perfect for oily/acne skins whereas our Vitapeel combines AHA’s, BHA’s and skin lightening ingredients to refresh the skin and improve discolouration. Lactic acid peels are suitable for almost all skin types and will effectively refine and intensely hydrate without experiencing peeling. Read more about our treatments.

Ultraceuticals uses Lactic Acid for peeling; can you explain how this ingredient differs to Glycolic Acid? Are lactic acid peels as effective as glycolic peels?

Glycolic acid and lactic acid are both Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) used to obtain a gentle exfoliation action on the skin’s surface. Lactic acid has a higher ability to hold moisture in the skin resulting in increased hydration levels. Furthermore Lactic acid is very well tolerated by the skin and less likely to cause sensitivity. Although of different molecular structure they are very comparitable in effectiveness. A lactic 30% peel is equivalent to a glycolic 25% and a lactic 50% to that of a 40% glycolic. Read more about our treatments.

What is Ultrasonophoreis and how will it benefit my skin?

The Ultrasonophoresis device optimises the absorption of active ingredients into the skin using ultrasonic vibrations. Delivery is undertaken using low frequency sonophoresis, causing soundwave resonance of approximately 20,000 cycles per second (20kHz). Medical data discusses the effect of Ultrasound at 20kHz in increasing penetration of high and low molecular weight particles into viable skin cells. Small spaces are opened between the skins cells resulting in an increased penetration of ingredients applied to the skin under the ultrasound. Disruption of the lipid barrier by the vibration also helps in the transdermal delivery. For more information about our treatments click here.

How are treatment products such as the Ultra C Facial Cream 23% applied?

The Ultra C products should be applied after all other treatment products and before a moisturising product such as the Ultra Moisturiser Cream.

Are there any ingredients that repair and balance the skin if there is any sensitivity evident?

Yes, Ultraceuticals uses 3 key ingredients to aid in barrier replacement including Cholesterol, Ceramides, and Linoleic Acid. These essential nutrients are found within the stratum corneum and are essential for a healthy, nourished skin. Our moisturising agents such as the Ultra Moisturiser Cream and Ultra Hydrating Gel are excellent to repair and balance the most sensitive of skins.

Are all of the products in the Ultraceuticals range safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, the entire range is completely safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding however we suggest you seek medical advice prior to use if have any concerns. Vitamin A in the form of Retinoic Acid is not recommended for use by pregnant women, however this strength is only available via prescription. Ultraceuticals uses the form of Vitamin A known as Retinol which is used within the skin cells upon application and does not pose risks like that of Retinoic Acid.

Is alcohol drying to the skin?

Alcohol can be drying to the skin if the formula does not compensate for that. The dryness is fairly short-lived in effect, but it does happen. It is possible to counter the effects of drying by using other ingredients that will either add moisture, or will retard the water loss from the skin.

Why does Ultraceuticals use alcohol?

Alcohol is a very effective solvent, and that really is the main reason why we use it. Many ingredients are soluble only in alcohol. Salicylic Acid for example is in Even Skintone Serum at quite a high level. Alcohol is the best solubilise for Salicylic Acid. Hence we have to include alcohol to the formula. To compensate for this, the formula also contains a high level of water to slow down the drying effect, and it contains Lactic Acid. Some of the Lactic Acid is converted into Sodium Lactate, which is a very effective moisturiser to help balance any possible drying effects.

What class of ceramides are used in Ultra Moisturiser Cream and Ultra Hydrating Gel? How are they produced?

Ceramide III. Our ceramides are produced without using animal tissue as a substrate. They are a biochemical ingredient, produced from the fermentation of yeast (Pichia cifferi) to produce phytosphingosine, which is reacted with Stearic Acid to produce Ceramide 111.

Where can I find out more information about purchasing Ultraceuticals online and the Customer Service Policies?

To read our Customer Service Policy and delivery information please click here.

I live outside Australia where can I buy Ultraceuticals?

We are happy to announce that our products are now available to purchase online for our international customers. For our New Zealand customers, Ultraceuticals is only available for purchase in store at one of our select Salons in New Zealand, you can search for your nearest stockist via our homepage. Our products are also available in Russia, Greece, Hong Kong and the United States. Click here for our distributor contact details. 


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